Event T-Shirts

Have you ever had to organise T-Shirts for an event? Including:

  • Gathering everyone's sizes.
  • Chasing up money.
  • Placing the order.
  • Distributing t-shirts to the correct people.

It can be a very time consuming and frustrating task.

No Cruel Tee has the perfect solution for all your Vegan event T-Shirt needs.

All you need to do is send us the design and we take care of the rest. We will list it on a personalised page in our online store including the event details and any other information you require.

Once you're happy with the page design, all you need to do is share that page with your group members.

Each member simply needs to choose their size and colour, place their order and pay via our online store. We'll print the T-Shirt and send it directly to that member regardless of their location. No pickups required! 

We can provide special pricing to suit any fundraising requirements and transfer the raised sum directly to you once the orders are closed.

Ideal for:

  • Team Events
  • Activism Groups
  • Rallies / Protests 
  • Festivals
  • Pub Crawls
  • Volunteer Groups
  • And any other large or small organisation.

Contact us for more information