Our Story

Reasonably new to the Vegan lifestyle I was seeking some stylish tee’s with a Vegan message on them like I had seen others wear on social media. It was a struggle. The options were limited and being located in Australia, buying from the USA or UK was an expensive ordeal. Postage was near the same price as the tee itself and the currency conversion made the cost of just one t-shirt a reluctant purchase. To then find out when it arrived, some weeks later, that the shirt quality was awful, the print was average and sizing was so so. There had to be a better way, not just for myself but for the entire Vegan community in Australia.

Using my background in marketing and the many resources and connections I had with my business Aldinga Media, I set out to create a new Vegan clothing label that was affordable, high quality, as ethical as possible and a large range of designs. I also wanted to involve the Vegan community and offer designs they wanted to see or designs they had designed themselves.

Our Mission

At No Cruel Tee we want to provide the Vegan community in Australia and Globally with the best quality clothing brand with ethics in mind. ‘Ethics’ we will encompass all views of ethics such as Vegan, Humanitarian and Environmental. We are focused on trying to keep our products inline with our values, so keeping our products as close to zero waste as possible is a high priority whilst sharing our message to our customers.













Zero Waste

To achieve a zero waste fashion line it is important not to hold stock. Printing many prints of a particular design that might not sell produces potential waste. The fasion industry is one of the largest producers of textile waste.

‘Fast Fashion’ – in Australia 6000kg of clothing is dumped into landfill every 10 minutes.

At No Cruel Tee we have chosen to use a direct print method. We only print a design when an order is placed. The product is repackaged into the package it came in and sent off to the customer. The print process does not require silk screens or ‘weeded’ vinyls.. Just eco-friendly water based inks directly printed onto the fabric. Although the packaging is plastic to protect the garment, we hope to educate our customers how to dispose of this thoughtfully.

It is also very important that the garment lasts the test of time. No Cruel Tee products are of the highest quality possible to ensure they last rather than thrown away after only a few times worn.